70 Knots COVID-19 Information

COVID-19: 70 Knots is a one-woman show.  As long as the postal service is a go, 70 Knots is also a go.  Shop is sanitized, orders are packed using gloves, no symptoms in the shop and no contact with any confirmed cases.  The workshop is and always has been a no-traffic zone to the public as it has no storefront.  If you'd like to take extra precautions when receiving your order, leave the cardboard package unopened in a safe space for 48 hours from the last time it was touched by the mail carrier. If you'd like to wipe down the box exterior with Clorox wipes or Lysol, that's totally fine - but please do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals on the stones themselves as the cleaning agents will leach into the plugs and cause harm to your lobes. Regular mild soap and water will work wonderfully for cleaning plugs. The show will go on!

Stay safe & wash your hands!

In the meantime, get text notifications with our coupon codes for our flash sales: Send keyword 70knots to 31996. (Currently restricted to US & Canada, lo siento)

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