70 Knots is a woman owned, central-California based small business on a quest to make beautiful, tasteful products for modified minds.

What is the meaning of "70 Knots"?
The unit of measurement for wind is known as 'knots' - once wind speeds pick up over 70 knots, the boiling point if you will, they are classified as a Category 1 hurricane. 70 Knots is truly a DIY effort from the ground-up, with a whole lot of grind and not a whole lot of sleep. A productive sort of frenzy, if you will - one that makes the owner wish they really had 8 arms!

How do I wear double flared plugs?
Double flared plugs allow us to wear crystal, glass and stone without having to keep track of o-rings. Double flared plugs are measured at their wearable area or the "saddle" and are 1-2mm larger at the flares to keep the plugs securely in place. To wear double flared plugs: Insert one edge of the plug's flare into your ear, then gently pull down on the plug to insert the other edge of the flare into your ear - "tilt in, tilt out". Never push plugs straight through, never force your plugs to fit. Lobes must be fully healed before wearing double flares, pain is an indication that your lobes are not yet fully healed at the goal size.

How do I stretch my earlobes?
There are a lot of methods out there, whatever path you choose, do so safely, slowly, and with a lubricant like pure vitamin E oil. Forcing lobes to stretch before they're fully healed, or jumping sizes too quickly can result in blowouts, which will greatly increase your required healing time. Patience is key. We offer traditional 14G-00G taper kits and single flared dead stretch glass or 316L stainless steel in 1mm increments. We also offer stone and glass hangers for weighted stretching when we can, which require a starting size of 1/2" or 12.7mm. 

How do I care for my plugs?
Always avoid exposing your crystal, glass and stone plugs to harsh chemicals. Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, products containing chlorine, etc. will strip the finish from your plugs and these natural materials can react to and absorb these chemicals, causing skin irritation and potential allergic reactions. If you wish to lightly clean your plugs, we recommend mild unscented soap and room temperature water. Be sure to store in a dry, room temperature location when not being worn. The display box that we ship them in, along with the recycled packing material, is perfect for storage!

I ordered the wrong size, can I return my body jewelry?
We are unable to accept returns or exchanges on body jewelry per health code. If you're unsure of your current lobe size, it is advised that you visit your local piercing shop to verify before ordering. For any questions, please feel free to email and include your order number in the subject line.

How do I know what size I need?
If you're not sure what size you are, please review the conversion chart below for taking your own measurements or consult with a professional piercer prior to ordering. For reference, a standard earlobe piercing is usually made at 18g or 16g. If you're just starting your stretching journey, you'll want to begin with no larger than a 14g size. As our stickers boldly state: "live, laugh, lube" - go slow and steady always.

20g 0.03" 0.81 mm
18g 0.039" 1 mm
16g 0.047" 1.2 mm
14g 0.063" 1.6 mm
12g 0.079" 2 mm
10g 0.094" 2.4 mm
8g 0.118" 3 mm
6g 0.157" 4 mm
4g 0.197" 5 mm
2g 0.258" 6 mm
0g 0.325" 8 mm
00g 0.365" 10 mm
0.438" 11 mm
0.5" 13 mm
0.563" 14 mm
0.625" 16 mm
0.688" 18 mm
0.75" 19 mm
0.813" 21 mm
0.875" 22 mm
0.938" 24 mm
1" 25 mm
1.125" 28 mm
1.188" 30 mm
1.25" 32 mm
1.375" 35 mm
1.5" 38 mm
1.563" 40 mm
1.625" 41 mm
1.75" 44 mm
1.813" 46 mm
1.875" 48 mm
1.938" 50 mm
2" 51 mm

Measurements refer to the wearable diameter of the jewelry. 

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